I was made today.

Lovingly hand sewn into a Huggable Hero.

I’m now sitting in my package waiting to go on a very special journey to a very special person. My human name is John and I am a military Daddy, I get deployed all over the world and I’m away from my wife and little girl Emily for months at a time. Although they are both incredibly brave about me being away and understand that I’m doing an important job, it’s still really tough for them both. Emily especially finds that she misses me at bedtime, she’s a little scared of the dark and it’s even worse when Daddy isn’t there to tuck her in and read her a story.

Mummy does her best, but sometimes it’s Daddy who is needed to scare away the monsters under the bed and tickle her to make her giggle till she’s sleepy and ready for dreams. Emily is also sometimes sad when our favourite nature programme comes on the television, because Im not there to watch it with her, or when she gets an award in assembly and wanted both parents there to see her achievements.

So here I am, a little Daddy Hero about to start my journey to being in Emily’s life. To offer her support and comfort till I can be there with her properly again.
Must admit, it’s a bit of a bumpy ride here in the postman’s bag, and there’s something heavy resting on my head – I will be VERY glad to reach my destination , and most importantly, to see Emily’s little face. Woah! what’s happening? I’m upside down! Now I’m flying! I lurch to a halt in what feels like mid-air and can hear knocking, then mumbled voices as once again I’m thrust through the air. A soft gasp of understanding penetrates the silence of the packaging and I realise Emily’s Mum has guessed what’s inside.

“Emily! Emily! I have something for you…” she shouts. A clattering of little feet on the stairs and this time I’m passed gently downwards. Still upside down I feel the packaging begin to be taken off. Emily is careful with it, she always has been gentle unwrapping gifts. I know she is bunching it into a ball ready for the recycling bin too, not one for chucking rubbish everywhere. Suddenly I’m gently flipped the right way up and Im looking right into Emily’s eyes, swimming with happy tears.

“Daddy!” she breathes, a smile blossoming onto her pretty face. And then I’m being given the biggest squeeze of my life as she hugs me like she will never let go. From that moment on, I’m never away from her side. Cuddled up on the sofa, we watch our programme together as she chatters happily away to me about it. Later, as Mummy reads a story, she holds me tightly under her arm, then with her help, I check under the bed. Once we’ve declared it a monster free space, we can snuggle up for sleep. Emily and her Huggable Hero. Happy and content.katie's daughter