Twas the night before christmas

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Not even a mouse

The children lay sleeping

All soundly in bed

But although all was calm

Mummy felt a sense of dread

For it was the first christmas

Daddy wouldn’t be there

To check if Santa had been

Before they trooped down the stairs

He’d helped buy the presents

Sitting under the tree

But deployment had called

He wouldn’t be there to see

The Christmas day magic

And children’s delight

As they ripped off the paper

By the christmas tree lights

Mummy had done her best

To fill the house with christmas cheer

But she knew that for the children

The best present would be to have Daddy there

But Mummy was clever

And had a trick up her sleeve

A plan put into place

When she knew Daddy had to leave

Safely under the tree

Sat three extra gifts

Each one with a present

Designed to uplift

Daddy couldn’t be replaced

We’d never do that

But with Huggable Heroes

Under the tree he could be sat!

Waiting for Christmas Day

Pre-loaded with hugs

Daddy Teddy heroes

Ready with love

Daddy might be miles away

Far from his home

But the kids can still hug him

His cuddly clone

He watches over christmas

And sees the kids joy

As they open their presents

And play with their toys

And when they go up to bed

After such a day of delights

He’s there to be cuddled

When they turn out the lights

Huggable Heroes

Handmade with care

Helping keep christmas special

When loved ones can’t be there