‘Reinforcing Bonds and Providing Comfort During Separation’ 

Huggable Heroes® began in a conversation with my friend and hairdresser, Katie.

Katie’s husband was about to deploy straight from basic training for 6 months in Afghanistan. We chatted about how hard it is for the children and laughed as we said we could do with ‘cuddly daddies’!

Katie asked ‘will you make me one?’

After 2 long evenings of sewing and unpicking and sewing again the first Huggable Hero was made!

Katie sent me a photo of her 4 year old daughter Abi cuddling her Hero.

katie's daughter

The emotion in that photo was incredible.

I knew I needed to make my own children a hero each of my husband.

At this time, Charlotte, my daughter was 2½ years old and Henry was just 6 months.

My husband (Mikey) was working away Monday – Friday. When he came home at the weekends, Charlotte would cling to me for hours and not want to go near him. It was heartbreaking to watch as I could see all Mikey wanted, was for his little girl to cuddle him and play with him as he walked though the door.

Mikey did take some persuading to agree to be made into a Huggable Hero, But I got there in the end. And the outcome was incredible!

In just 5 days of having a Huggable Hero it changed Charlotte and Daddy’s relationship.

‘Daddy Cuddles’ (As we call him) came to swimming lessons, Gymnastics, went on picnics and had lots of family adventures with us during the week. He didn’t miss a thing.

On the friday evening when Mikey returned home from work, instead of clinging to me Charlotte ran across the room, picked up her Huggable Hero and took it to daddy! Neither of us could believe it!

Fast Forward 5 years …

My husband continues to work away leaving on a Sunday evening once we have put the children to bed. Part of Sunday night bedtime routine is Daddy filling ‘Daddy cuddles’ with never ending cuddles and kisses and reminding the children that whenever they want or need daddy they can give ‘Daddy Cuddles’ a cuddle or kiss and he would really feel it!

During the week ‘Daddy Cuddles’ continues to go on adventures and never misses Family time. The children proudly take him to school, he attends assemblies and they love showing him off in show and tell.

The teachers have completely embraced ‘Daddy Cuddles’. He often helps the teachers at the front of the class.

Huggable Heroes® has grown from Recommendation, there is no better compliment or endorsement. We have had 100% positive feedback that Huggable Heroes® do work!

The feedback from teaching staff has been incredible. They too have noticed that children react differently to their Huggable Heroes® depending on how they are feeling. In turn making it easier for the teachers to interact with the child and help them by understanding the situation and the childs emotional needs.

I can not wait to see where the next 5 years takes Huggable Heroes®. It is the most incredible adventure.

Any questions please contact me on 07725122441 or jo@huggableheroes.uk 

Warm Wishes

Jo xx

Huggable Heroes®