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Huggable Heroes are designed to help reduce separation anxiety when loved ones cannot always be near. This could be because of deployment, bereavement, shift work, hospital stays, emigration, separated families….in fact they can be used in any situation where the bond between child and Mummy, Daddy, grandparent or sibling needs to be re-inforced or maintained throughout difficult circumstances. Huggable heroes can offer comfort to the recipient and ensure that they don’t feel alone. They can literally be taken along anywhere meaning whoever is absent is still participating in day to day activities alongside their child/grandchild etc.  Each Huggable hero is personalised using a photograph you have provided and lovingly handmade in England.

*Please note, if you order a Single Sided or Duplicate Huggable Hero but send double sided photos or different photos to be used, you will be sent a payment request to cover the cost of editing those photos. The additional payment will need to be paid before your order is dispatched.

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Limited Edition 'Little Troopers' Charity Backed (Photo – Single Sided), Double sided with a 20 character message, Double Sided (Photo on both sides), Blue Star Backed (Photo – Single Sided), Grey Star Backed (Photo – Single Sided), Pink Star Backed (Photo – Single Sided), Lilac Star Backed (Photo – Single Sided), DUPLICATE Double Sided (Photo on both sides), Limited Edition Poppy Backed (Photo – Single Sided), Payment Plan – Spread the Cost over 2/3/4 months

8 reviews for Daddy – Huggable Hero

  1. Alice Lewis

    Thank you so much for Mabel and Frankie’s Daddy Huggable Hero! Their Dad is having to work away several nights a week and this has really helped my daughter to settle at night time and feel as though her Daddy is close by.
    She takes him to bed and has him for snuggles on the sofa. You have made one little girl very happy!
    Frankie is still too young to understand but his Hero will really help later down the line when he is more aware of his Daddy being away at night time.

    • Huggableheroes (verified owner)

      Hi Alice, oh I am so pleased Mabel Loves her daddy Huggable Hero. Snuggles on the sofa are the best! Make sure Daddy fills it with never ending cuddles and kisses before he leaves for work.
      I can’t wait to hear how Frankie interacts with it when he is a little older. My Henry was just 6 months when I made his first Hero. He knew it was daddy, the excitement was amazing!

  2. Kristy (verified owner)

    We have two daddy’s for our daughters. They love them. It’s helps both girls when my husband is away on deployment. My oldest daughter thinks when she hugs him or talks to him he can hear her. This gives her great comfort. They have helped so much with separation anxiety when he’s away. Thank you

    • Huggableheroes (verified owner)

      Hello Kirsty, this is wonderful news! Thank you! I am over the moon that daddy can still be updated on all the secrets the girls have. And remind them that real daddy loves feeling all the squeezes then send him xx Please keep us updated on their adventures together. We love hearing all about them. Jo x

  3. Jodie (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely amazed at how much they’ve helped my 2 boys, Archie has never liked teddies so I thought it would be really hit or miss but he hasn’t put it down and Teddy stirred in bed and immediately snuggled Daddy and went back off like a dream.
    You are an absolute genius for inventing these! ❤

    • Huggableheroes (verified owner)

      Oh Jodie, I am so pleased Archie and Teddy Love their Heroes and they are already working their magic! Please keep us updated on their adventures together. Jo x

  4. Hayley (verified owner)

    What a fantastic product! My one year old can have daddy close by even though he’s on the other side if the world! Thank you! Quality is lovely, would definitely recommend

    • Huggableheroes (verified owner)

      Oh Hayley, Thank you so much for your lovely review. Please keep us updated on their adventures together. Jo xx

  5. Florence

    I love my huggable hero because at school I get worried about Daddy. I think that it really helps me due to the fact that it feels like he’s really there. Florence Age 9

    • Huggableheroes (verified owner)

      Oh Florence, you have brought a tear to my eye(s). Thank you so much. Its great to hear you take your Hero to school with you and he helps you to feel like he is really with you. please keep us updated on your adventures together.
      Lots of Love Jo Age 36 xxx

  6. Effie Dower

    My dad is a captain at sea, and him and my daughter are as thick as thieves! For Christmas I bought them each a Huggable Hero of each other and it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever bought. Each night they both say goodnight to their teddy and give it a cuddle. It brings my dad into the house and with us in spirit. I love it! Thank you!

    • Huggableheroes (verified owner)

      Oh Effie, this is a truly wonderful Idea! We love making “child’ Huggable Heroes® too. Please keep us updated on their adventures together and if you are happy to share photos we would love to see them. Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Much Love, Jo xxx

  7. Annabel (verified owner)

    Huggable heroes are amazing from start to finish! From the moment ordered to receiving our hero. Amazing customer service making sure I was 100% happy with our hero picture before printing! When I first messaged huggable heroes I was having a very emotional time with my 2 year old, daddy had gone away and we both weren’t coping particularly well, they were so understanding and with their help created my daughters ‘daddy doll’. Now our daughter can have her daddy with her always! It helped with her anxiety and to give her comfort while daddy was away for a long time. I can’t thank huggable heroes enough! x

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    Due to work I’m not always home for bedtime, but as soon as we had ‘Daddy doll’ our 2yo settled every time I wasn’t there. Worked amazingly when I had to spend a few days in hospital and she could give Daddy cuddles very day while talking on the phone.

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