Shift work & Working away

Families where parents may work away, be deployed or work long shifts know all too well the effects separation can have on loved ones, especially children. Whether the time away is long or short, it’s still time away from the routines of family life; often at short notice with little time to prepare. This can leave children confused and anxious. When you cant be there at important times like bedtime and story time, children can really benefit from the comfort and familiarity of a Huggable Hero. 

If you are deployed, or work away for prolonged periods, sometimes you can return and the baby you left behind is crawling or even toddling and can’t properly remember you. Ensure your little ones can keep you fresh in their memories with a Huggable Hero, it won’t take your place, simply keep it safe until you return. Allowing you to be there from afar for those special moments.